1. eternitybound:

    “You healed the lepers

    when they called your name.

    You healed the broken,

    will you heal me?

    Take what’s broken,

    heal the pain.

    Take my heart

    have your way.”

    -The Ember Days

    There are days when I am

    unable to lift my eyes…

    A dear friend reminded me of this poem I wrote last year. And even now, it retains its relevance. 


  3. I woke up to this feature today. Thankful.

  4. Regine | 2014

  5. Kama | 2014

  6. Regine | 2014

  7. Gele: a portrait series

  8. Nana Akua | 2014

    Revisiting “Gele: a portrait series”

  9. Shooting with Kama

  10. Kama | 2014


    I got an email notification of my tumblr’s birthday this morning. I thought it was cute.

    Yesterday afternoon, as I walked home after work, I had a deep, deep desire to focus on promoting my photography via this platform. I haven’t been really committed to sharing my work here because my tumblr experience has been humbling. If I post a photograph on Facebook, most likely, there’ll be more than 30 likes (on average). On Tumblr, I would be lucky to have 10 notes. Humbling. 

    My tumblr experience has been humbling. It’s been inspiring. It’s been unpredictable. I hope to be devoted to my space here. There are a few changes on the way. I can’t wait to share them with you. 

    To old followers, I am thrilled to know that you have stuck around this long. I have grown in the past 3 years and I believe this is evident in my style. To new followers, I am glad you’re here and I hope you stick around. 

    3 years ago, I decided to name my tumblr Eternity Bound. I am so happy that although a lot of things have changed the name is still the name. 


  11. | Kama | 2014

    In all honesty, it took me a good 15-20 minutes to pick a sneak peek photo from a shoot I did today. From start to finish, shooting with Kama was incredibly fun. 

  12. | Regine | 2014

    A photo from an editorial feature I completed a few months ago. 

  13. | Norma | 2014

    Revisiting my “Gele: a portrait series” project.

  14. | Nana Akua | 2014

    Revisiting my “Gele: a portrait series” project

  15. | Nana Akua | 2014

    Revisiting my “Gele: a portrait series” project